Design and production services

We design and manufacture slip rings for transmitting power, electrical signals and data through 360° rotating joints in electrical devices. In addition, rotating joints for both liquids and gases are a part of our product portfolio.

Contact information

Mika Miettinen
Plant Manager
+358 50 331 2396

Defense equipment applications

We design and manufacture slip rings as well as accessories for the defense equipment industry with built-in slip rings. Most of our solutions include both ordnance qualifications and the NSN code (NATO Stock Number). When needed, all our products are tested in the extreme circumstances of the North to ensure high quality every time.

Contact information

Ilkka Lassila
Design Engineer
+358 40 708 1797

Material handling applications

Versatile experience and systematic procedures in electromechanical device designing and manufacturing ensure high quality that is ideal for demanding use. With precise project management, we are able to design and manufacture completely new products based on the needs and functional requirements of our customers.

Contact information

Riku Manninen
Design Engineer
+358 456 5114 35

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